Mrs. Doubtfire outside the Cape Sidecar Adventures depot.
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By Brody

Spending a day with Mrs Doubtfire in Cape Town

We met early in the morning at the Cape Sidecar Adventures Depot. The anticipation was palpable. Excited for a day of adventure, we were welcomed by owner Tim Clarke. Tim introduced himself, his 40 vintage sidecars and the fire truck for the day, Mrs. Doubtfire. The collection of vintage motorcycles is incredible! We were lucky to have four sidecars joining us for the day, each with its own driver.

I had arrived to celebrate my friend’s Bachelorette party and looked forward to a day with the bride to be. After the introduction from Tim, we enjoyed a cup of coffee before climbing onboard and setting off for the coast. It may have just been the caffeine, but my heart was beating and the excitement was just beginning.

We donned the red fireman’s hats and waved goodbye to the excited audience in Salt River. Heading past the Newlands Forest and Constantia we made our first stop at the Imhoff Farm. Well warmed up as a group on board the fire truck we traded seats for one in the sidecar! This next part of the ride will stay with me as one of my fondest memories.

Travelling at a leisurely pace beside Bev (The Sidecar Chauffeur), I felt safe and comfortable while the Fynbos and mountains passed me by. We met with the rest of the group again alongside the spectacular Witsands beach. The narrow road is isolated between indigenous plants and the ocean. The perfect place to stop for a group photo and a celebratory drink! Cheers to Andrea and Dylan.

We were all able to trade stories and experiences from the morning’s ride. Eager to get going we traded seats once more and I was lucky to be seated behind the driver Johan. He kindly let me pull the air horn which let off a classic honk!

Following the Red Hill road we stopped over-looking Simon’s Town to soak in the views over False Bay. I am fond of the ocean and was immediately fixated on spotting a whale. Boats, surfers and whales all seem to love visiting False Bay. It must be the warmer protected waters which attract them here.

Down to the small harbour of Kalk Bay for our lunch stop. The picturesque harbour borders on Cape Town’s most trendy neighbourhood. We watched aged fishermen with well worn hands offload fresh fish from the day’s catch. The market kept moving while we sat down to enjoy a traditional fish and chips from Kalky’s. Nothing beats fresh fish by the sea!

All aboard after a chime from Mrs. Doubtfire. We travelled past the historic Muizenberg train station. It has welcomed fishermen and beachgoers to the area since 1913 which gave us a sense of travelling into the past. We kept this nostalgia going and chatted about all of our childhood memories until arriving safely back in Salt River. A day well spent! I look forward to my next Cape Sidecar Adventure and seeing Mrs. Doubtfire on the road in Cape Town. Until then, thank you to Tim Clarke and his team for a wonderful adventure.

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