COVID-19 Lockdown Protocol

All Cape Town Fun Brigade passengers must adhere to the following regulations while the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are in place.

  1. Bookings must be done in advance either telephonically or by email. No walk-in requests.
  2. Guests are requested to wear face masks at all times.
  3. Mrs Doubtfire is equipped with easy-access bottles of hand sanitizers.
  4. All tours/outings will be totally exclusive.
  5. All tour itineraries will ensure that all high-density & crowded areas are avoided throughout the journey. Social distancing must be practised throughout the tour.
  6. Indemnity forms will include an undertaking that passengers are not aware of any pre-existing COVID-19 health issues. Tours will not commence until indemnities are completed, in full, by all passengers (Full Name, International mobile number, email address & signature). Adults to sign on behalf of minor passengers.
  7. Anyone suspected of being unwell at the pick-up, will not be permitted to continue with the tour.
  8. Mrs Doubtfire will be fully sanitized after each outing.